Ph.D. Course

Soyeon Kim (김소연)

Ph.D Candidates

Electrostatic spray for PM reduction,

Energy system analysis, FEMS with Machine Learning

M.S. Course


Jihun Lim (임지훈)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Machine learning using Python, Fault detection and diagnosis of thermal system 


Jinwook Lee (이진욱)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Experiment and thermodynamic analysis of nanocomposite dense membrane dehumidification process


Donik Ku (구돈익)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Membrane heat pump, Turbo-molecular pump driven vacuum membrane dehumidification system, System analysis


Minkyu Jung (정민규)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Electrostatic spray with visualization /spectrum analysis, Electrochemical compressor @Alchemist project

Sanghun Jeong (정상훈)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Analysis of Factory energy management system (FEMS) with Python and machine learning

Undergraduate Students


Soojin Bae (배수진)

Undergraduate student

Thermal system and cycle analysis with matlab


Gijeong Seo (서기정)

Undergraduate student

Machine learning with energy system measurements