Ph.D. Course

Soyeon Kim (김소연)

Ph.D Candidates

Electrostatic spray for PM reduction,

Energy system analysis, FEMS with Machine Learning

M.S. Course

Jihun Lim (임지훈)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Machine learning using Python, Fault detection and diagnosis of thermal system 

Jinwook Lee (이진욱)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Experiment and thermodynamic analysis of nanocomposite dense membrane dehumidification process

Donik Ku (구돈익)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Membrane heat pump, Turbo-molecular pump driven vacuum membrane dehumidification system, System analysis

Minkyu Jung (정민규)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Electrostatic spray with visualization /spectrum analysis, Electrochemical compressor @Alchemist project

Sanghun Jeong (정상훈)

Combined MS.-PhD. Candidates

Analysis of Factory energy management system (FEMS) with Python and machine learning

Undergraduate Students

Soojin Bae (배수진)

Undergraduate student

Thermal system and cycle analysis with matlab

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